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Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Taeree Kim and I am currently enrolled in the Humanities course at Davidson College. HUM-103/104 is a yearlong course that challenges its students to think deeper about concepts related to this year’s theme: The Body.

In this portfolio, I will be outlining my thought process through personal accounts as well as external narratives that are pivotal in exploring this theme. The mind-body connection is a concept that I have been subconsciously practicing for years and hope to expand upon throughout this portfolio.

Please use the tabs above to navigate yourself. I ask that you proceed in the order that I have provided (left to right, top to bottom) in order to get an insightful experience of my thought processes.

Before We Begin

I find that taking a minute to breathe and absorb my surroundings helps me practice mindfulness before diving into a mentally engaging topic. Background music or ambient noise helps me focus my attention away from the loud, disrupting sounds of the world and into my own self.

Feel free to listen to my favorite soothing cocktail jazz or binaural beats playlist on Spotify and get yourself comfortably situated in your current environment. I encourage you to use your all of your senses to simply exist in this moment. Sometimes the background noise helps me focus my attention away from the craziness of the world and into my work. Hopefully it has the same effect on you!

Thank you for joining me as I explore The Body and its complexities.